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Biolabor lactase, 10.000 FCC

Especially for our numerous customers with lactose and fructose-intolerance: Lactase tablet with 10.000 FCC from Biolabor.
The difference to the lozenges is that these tablet contain 10 times more lactase.
BIOLABOR lactase tablets deliver the enzyme lactase, which is essential for digesting lactose, when you are lactose intolerant. So it enables you to consume healthy milk and milk products though without these tablets you are lactose-intolerant.
Intake recommendation: 1 BIOLABOR lactasetablets with high lactase content directly before or during the consumption of food that contains lactose. One Biolabor lactase tablet with high lactase content contains 10.000 FCC.
  • free from fructose and sucrose
  • free from sweeteners
  • free from colouring
  • free from gluten
  • free from lactose
  • vegan
Ingedients: dextrose, lactase, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium salts from edible fatty acids

  • price: 11,99 EUR
    > 4 pcs per 10,60 EUR
  • 0,30 EUR per piece

  • incl. 7 % Tax excl.