Products for Distributers and Retailers

For distributers and retailers, we have special product offers, including sales displays in a variety of configurations and promotional materials, such as catalogs, leaflets, posters, etc., that are ideal for POS use.

Furthermore, we see ourselves as wholesalers for products that meet our strict specifications for fructose-free and low fructose foods. In addition to Frusano products, we can also supply you with goods from such producers as Probios, Barnhouse, BioVita, and many more.
For questions about our brands, please contact us directly.

Frusano products are also lactose-free, organic, gluten-free, and vegan.

You can find an overview of our Frusano product range here:

Fructose-free Sweeteners| Fructose-free Drinks| Fructose-free Fruit Spreads| Fructose-free Gummy Bears and Candies| Fructose-free Cookies and Snacks| Fructose-free Chocolate

You can find more information for retailers here.