Lamb's Lettuce

Good leafy greens can be difficult to obtain in winter, but lamb's lettuce – also known as corn salad or Rapunzel lettuce – is still in season. Its peak season is between September and January and, with its B vitamins (B1, B2, and B6) as well as potassium, folic acid and iron, lamb's lettuce helps provide us with  crucial vitamins all winter long.

Due to its mild nutty taste, lamb's lettuce goes well with a variety of dishes. For example, with some fresh walnuts, a little rice syrup and goat cheese as a topping, you can whip up a crisp, refreshing, low-fructose salad.

sugars in g/100g*
Fructose Saccarose Glucose Fruc. gesamt
0,79 1,00 0,88 0,65

Good to know

Since the absorption of non-heme iron (iron from plant sources), like that from lamb's lettuce, is enhanced by vitamin C, we recommend a vinaigrette with lemon juice for your salads.

*amount of sugar depends on variety and ripeness

**The value of 'fructose total' composes of the pure fructose and 1/2 of the sucrose.

source: BZfE,