Rail for product rack

Decorative Display Strip – Frusano with Slogan

For labelling or as an attention-getter on product shelves.  Do you, for example, want to present Frusano products all together and want to draw special attention to the fructose-free product range? The display strip is 450mm long and 40mm high.  It shows our Frusano logo, as well as the slogan “ Low Fructose, Full Delight.”  It is printed won 170g matte paper.  Excess length can be simply cut away or hidden behind the price tags on shelf tag holders.  You receive this display strip label from us for free for promotion at the POS.
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  • Attention-getter on the shelf
  • 45 X 4 cm (LxH)
  • Can be cut to desired length
  • For labeling low fructose or fructose-free products
Attention: At the moment only available with German slogan "Viel Genuss, wenig Fructose". If you are interested in an English version, please contact us.