Sweetening and Seasoing

Sweeteners & Syrup – fructose-free, vegan Treats

Fructose-free sweeteners are an insider tip for all sweet tooths - and they are vegan, too! For those with fructose intolerance, completely giving up sweet treats is often hard. But syrup without fructose makes it possible to cook with almost no limitations. Vegan alternatives in organic quality are made entirely without artificial sweeteners, sorbitol or sugar substitutes and enrich your diet.

When do we use sweeteners?

Everyone with fructose intolerance has a personal tolerance level, which means that he has to make individual changes to his diet. Try out new vegan recipes with only the best ingredients and discover variety when you cook! How about a couple of pancakes, a refreshing cocktail, a summery salad dressing or a colourful smoothie? Fructose-free sweeteners are the smart way to get great flavour and a sweet taste.

Frusano has the ideal way to substitute sugar and sweeten:

food with low fructose
• drinks & beverages
• puddings & desserts
• baked goods
• bread spreads

Fructose-free Sweeteners – What are they made of?

Best organic quality fructose-free syrup extracted from rice retains its own honey-like taste. This type of sweetener without fructose is made up primarily of glucose and maltose (grape sugar and malt sugar). The fructose content is extremely low: 0.2 g/ 100 g. Rice syrup is an especially popular ingredient in Asia, and its light caramel taste is brilliant.

Even for people without fructose intolerance, vegan syrup is a great vegetable foodstuff. For everyone who wishes to forego animal products and animal by-products, e.g. honey, vegetable syrup with minimum fructose is a great choice. Many of our sweeteners and syrups are also lactose and gluten-free.

A vegan alternative to conventional refined sugar is organic grain sugar. Compared to dextrose it has a much lower water content, which makes it especially suitable for fructose-free baking. Without crystal sugar or fructose, this organic glucose syrup is very popular with amateur chefs who are fructose intolerant.

Seasoning and Cooking: Fructose-free Ketchup and seasoning products

Anyone who has fructose intolerance knows that it is safest to prepare one’s own meals. At Frusano we offer you many creative ways to expand your fructose-free or low-fructose diet. We offer you recipes, delicious products and ingredients without fructose for seasoning and cooking.

Eating without fructose, lactose or gluten does not need to be synonymous with monotony, blandness or abstinence. With the right recipes and ingredients, you can conjure up savoury and imaginative dishes that are healthy too! Even vegan sauces or ketchup, made especially for vegans, can offer exquisite flavour. Many Frusano products are made not only without fructose, but also without lactose or gluten and are thus completely vegan.

Natural Sweetness from Glucose Syrup

There is often a lot of hidden sugar even in products that don’t taste sweet at all, such as in many ketchup brands. Ketchup can almost be considered ‘confection in camouflage’. Our fructose-free ketchup contains almost no refined sugar and is sweetened with only glucose syrup and dextrose (grape sugar) instead. The low fructose percentage comes solely from the natural fruit sugar found in the tomatoes themselves. Natural, authentic tomato taste, easy to portion in a practical squeeze bottle.

Vegan Sauces and Gluten-free Sauces with Low Fructose

Many recipes for cooking and seasoning call for sweetness. Frusano offers you alternatives such as corn sugar. For delicious flavour, refined taste or even as a simple pasta sauce for spaghetti (kids love it)– our ketchup is ideal. Our ketchup is, naturally, gluten-free, very low in fructose, lactose-free and vegan.

With fructose-free ketchup, you can improve almost any meal or grilled foods. Taste its naturally fruity flavour and enjoy the variety of low-fructose products from Frusano.

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