Fructose-free baking and care-free enjoyment

There are more and more people with fructose intolerance. They might not tolerate fructose at all or at best only in small quantities. This can be difficult when cooking and baking. For fructose-free baking, for many sufferers conventional table sugar, as well as many other alternative sweeteners, such as honey or agave syrup are no longer available options. In most cases, sufferers must also refrain from fruit, juice, certain vegetables and the like. However, if you do not want to do without delicious cakes or cookies and desserts, you will find corn sugar, grape sugar or rice syrup and similar alternatives helpful.

Compatibility with fructose intolerance

People who have difficulty digesting fructose should work mainly with foods that contain only small amounts of sucrose, fructose and sorbitol. Especially at the beginning, you may not tolerate normal sugars. To live well with this intolerance, there are many delicious alternative recipes with glucose or grain sugar. It is worth noting that with fructose intolerance or fructose malabsorption it’s helpful to avoid sugar or foods with fructose. You can also contact nutrition experts who can give you more helpful tips.

Important to know for fructose-free baking

Fructose or fruit sugar is present in fruits and many vegetables, as well as in honey. The concentration of fructose depends on the variety and the maturity. And fructose makes up one half of sucrose or table sugar. The problem of fructose intolerance - if the fructose is not or is insufficiently absorbed in the intestine, this can lead to diarrhea or flatulence.
After a short initial phase with foods with low fructose content, fructose-containing foods can be added to the diet step by step and fructose-free baking is easier. Many sufferers have also had good experiences with the addition of glucose and the combination of fructose-containing foods with fat and protein such as fruit, quark or yogurt.

Tasty tips for fructose-free baking

Even with fructose intolerance, you can enjoy fructose-free baking and delicious cakes, tarts and pastries. For carefree enjoyment, alternatives help to make fructose-free baking easy. This includes, for example, rice syrup. Rice syrup is a true classic for fructose-free baking and is suitable for batter, short crust pastry, brandy or yeast dough. The sweetness depends on your personal taste. Rice syrup has a mild sweetness and is available for example from Frusano.
Another alternative is grain sugar. Grain sugar is suitable for baked goods, desserts or as a sweetener for drinks. In addition, this type of sugar has excellent baking properties due to the low content of water of crystallization. In most cases it can be exchanged for granulated sugar 1:1.
Dextrose or glucose is a good sweetener for desserts, drinks or baked goods. However, the sweetening power is significantly lower, and dextrose contains up to 10% water, which makes doughs or desserts more fluid - this must be considered when baking. If you want to bake fructose free, glucose is a good substitute.

Lactose-free backing without milk

As a substitute for milk, lactose-free baking offers numerous alternatives such as lactose-free milk, soy milk or grain milk from oats, spelt or rice, as well as almond milk, but beware of products sweetened with granulated sugar!
Lactose-free baking is also no problem if you pay close attention to the ingredients in vegetable margarine, because not all products are lactose-free. Even dark chocolate is lactose-free. However, lactose is often added to couvertures for baking. Flavors and additives may contain lactose. Therefore, one should do without finished products in lactose-free baking.

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