Frusano Wooden Sales Display

With our sturdy sales display, you can position the entire Frusano product range in a compact, 60x40cm floor space (CHEP pallet dimensions).  Not just for short-term actions, this display is also perfect long-term displays. It offers enough space for the entire Frusano product range, plus a storage option in the base.  We deliver the display fully assembled and with the goods to fill.  The front of the base is removable, which makes it an ideal storage space for refill items.  Leaflets and catalogs can be conveniently displayed on a shelf to the side in the accompanying brochure rack.  For price tags, adhesive shelf tag holders are enclosed with the display. 
  • attractive design
  • real, sturdy wood
  • includes brochure rack
  • includes shelf tag holders for price tags
  • easily removable base front for stocking up or for additional sales space
  • dimensions (LxWxH):  40 x 60 x 176 cm
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