Oligase 600

Oligase® 600 (600 GalU per capsule) reduces the occurence of intestinal gases after consuming meals and drinks which contain certain for most human beings indigestible carbohydrates (sugar). 
In contrast to the monosaccharid fructose, it is possible to split these indigestible oligosaccharides using enzyms to make them easily accesible for the human body. Such oligosaccharides are contained in certain cereal, vegetables, legumes, for example in beans, peas and some fruits.
The intolerance of these carbs is on of the most common food intolerance in Germany and is often accompanied by a high creation of intestinal gases.
The combination of enzymes developed for Oligase® 600 is unique in Germany. It contains the enzymes alpha-galactosidase , saccharase (syn. invertase), cellulase and hemi cellulase. These enzymes divide indigestible carbohydrates into its easy digestible components and thus allow a consumption free of any complaints. 
With 600 alpha galactose units (GalU) per capsule, Oligase® 600 is the product with the highest alpha galactose activity and the best value for money.
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