Fructose-Free Products from Frusano

Great taste without fructose - This is our maxim for providing specially developed foods to people with fructose intolerance or malabsorption. However, we not only make sure that our products contain as little fructose as possible: Their taste and other ingredients are just as important. This is the reason that our growing fan base also includes physically and mentally active people who voluntarily abstain from fructose. We, in turn, make sure that our fructose-free foods are made entirely without refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

An Overview of Our Low-Fructose Products: Enjoy Great Taste Again

Fructose intolerance does not necessarily mean giving things up. Frusano fructose-free foods offer great taste free from fructose! Our fructose-free range of products includes:

fructose-free chocolate
fructose-free gummi bears & sweets
fructose-free sweeteners & syrups
low-fructose fruit spreads
low-fructose beverages
low-fructose biscuits & snacks

Everything is made and sweetened with valuable, fructose-free glucose syrup, which our bodies can instantly convert into energy. A slice of toast with tasty marmalade and a delicious cup of cocoa on Sunday morning? Our low-fructose/ fructose-free foods make it possible. Give, for example, our strawberry-rhubarb fruit spread a try and start off your day full of energy. Our products are ideally suited for people with fructose intolerance and by their extremely low fructose content do not put strain on the liver or body: Thanks to special manufacturing processes and fructose-free glucose syrup our products taste naturally sweet – no comparison to products with artificial sweeteners. We guarantee outstanding taste, just the same as with conventionally sweetened products.

Frusano: The Alternative for People with Fructose Intolerance

Many of our products are not only fructose-free or low-fructose – almost all are gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. Because many people afflicted with malabsorption also have trouble tolerating sorbitol, we also make sure that our products contain as little sorbitol as possible. Even if you are fructose intolerant, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up cooking and baking. Our glucose sugar and rice syrup are excellent for baking and sweetening drinks and puddings. Try out our fructose-free foods: You’ll be impressed by our large selection.