There is no trendier vegetable! A classic in guacamole, as a salad topping, in smoothies, or simply spread on avocado toast – this fruit is versatile and wildly popular. And it is, strictly speaking, a berry and as such classified as a fruit.

The avocado contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which your body can’t produce itself and therefore are essential for a healthy and balanced nutrition. But even for those with heart problems and high cholesterol, the avocado can have helpful properties. Furthermore, the fruits are said to help build muscle and are therefore very popular with many athletes. A real superfood!

sugars in g/100g*
fructose sucrose glucose fructose total**
0,20 0,10 0,10 0,25

Good to know

In addition, the avocado cultivation consumes a lot of water: for one kilogram of avocados - about 2½ fruits - about 1,000 liters of water are needed. For comparison, one kilogram of tomatoes consumes only about 200 liters of water. This should make avocados a kind of luxury product - in a sense, the lobster of the fruits. The vegan lobster doesn’t need to spoil our appetite, but should make us consider how we treat this South American specialty. Conscious enjoyment is very important here.

For individuals with an average tolerance about 100g makes a good test.

*amount of sugar depends on variety and ripeness
**The value of 'fructose total' composes of the pure fructose and 1/2 of the sucrose.

source: BZfE, aid.de