Muesli fructose-free from Frusano!

Fructose-free muesli from Frusano

Can muesli be fructose-free without compromising on the full flavour? Our fructose-free muesli from Frusano shows that it can be done. Don’t let your fructose intolerance stop you from enjoying the taste of crunchy muesli in the morning.

For many people, a good bowl of muesli in the morning is simply an essential part of breakfast. It’s quick to prepare, tastes good and sets you up for the day. But be careful if you have a fructose intolerance! Because conventional muesli usually contains a number of foods with fructose in them such as raisins or other dried fruits. For people whose bodies can only tolerate fructose in small amounts, a good morning can quickly turn into a bad morning. Fructose intolerance can cause bloating, stomach ache and nausea, among other things. People with a fructose intolerance have to make sure to only consume very little fructose, if any, as their bodies cannot tolerate it. Frusano produces fructose-free muesli so that you can continue to enjoy your breakfast cereal even if you have a fructose intolerance.

How do you make muesli fructose-free?

Fructose is not only found in fruits, as its name might initially suggest, but also in many other typical household foods, including in our common table sugar (sucrose), natural sweeteners such as honey or apple syrup, as well as in vegetables and many types of cereals. In order to give muesli a sweet taste, many conventional types of muesli contain a high proportion of sugar or are instead enriched with honey or other sweeteners. Dried fruits are also a real classic in the morning muesli. Almost all conventional types of muesli contain apples, raspberries or strawberries. We provide the solution with our fructose-free muesli. Chocolate muesli is a real hit for anyone with a sweet tooth. But even this contains a lot of fructose as the pieces of chocolate in it contain lots of sugar and therefore sucrose. This means that these variants of muesli are not fructose-free. Anyone with a fructose intolerance had better steer clear of them!

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go without muesli altogether. In order to make fructose-free muesli, Frusano doesn’t use any of these foods containing fructose in production. This means that no fruit, sugar or any other sweeteners find their way into the muesli. Instead, fructose-free glucose syrup is used to give the muesli that lovely sweet taste we love so much. The body can quickly convert the maltose and glucose it contains into energy. The muesli not only kick starts your day, but also means that people with a fructose intolerance don’t have to worry anymore about reaching for a bowl of muesli in the mornings. This is because all ingredients and cereals used by Frusano are completely safe for those with an intolerance and don’t put a strain on the liver or body.

Muesli: fructose-free but full of flavour

How can muesli be fructose-free without compromising on the full flavour? Giving up sugar, fruit and other sweeteners doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste. On the contrary. The glucose syrup gives the muesli a slightly sweet and above all natural taste. So those of us who love a sweet breakfast won’t be left disappointed. At the same time, the muesli ticks all the boxes with its natural ingredients, tasting neither too sweet or artificial. Who still needs sugar and fructose?
We’ve also thought of chocolate lovers. Because the Organic Choco Balls muesli from Frusano has a naturally chocolaty taste thanks to the addition of cocoa. So it doesn't always take a lot of sugar to make delicious breakfast muesli. The bottom line is just because muesli is fructose-free doesn’t automatically mean it’s less tasty.

Frusano: so you don’t have to give up anything

People with a fructose intolerance often have to be very careful with their nutrition and pay attention to what they eat. They often have to give up much of what they previously enjoyed. Frusano has developed a range of fructose-free products so that people with a fructose intolerance no longer have to restrict their diet. The fructose-free muesli is one of these products. It comes in two delicious flavours: Organic Oat Crunch or Organic Choco Balls. Both varieties are decidedly crunchy and make for a balanced, rich and varied breakfast. Thanks to the fructose-free muesli from Frusano, there’s no need to look for a new favourite breakfast just because of your fructose intolerance.

A great start to the day

The fructose-free muesli from Frusano restores the joy of eating for people with a fructose intolerance. It doesn’t contain any sorbitol because many of those affected can’t tolerate this either. However, muesli from Frusano is not only suitable for anyone with an intolerance. More and more people who are conscious of what they eat opt for the fructose-free alternative. Whether you’re on a vegan, lactose-free or organic diet, muesli from Frusano is suitable for almost any nutrition plan, giving you a perfect start to the day. It’s bound to impress with its natural ingredients and takes away all the worry for people with intolerances. You can rely on its high quality. The fructose-free muesli from Frusano is the perfect choice to confidently kick start the day.

Why not try our fructose-free mueslis and pops: they’re delicious, crispy and crunchy. Pure and authentic in taste. Light and fluffy. Organic, vegan, lactose-free and, of course, suitable for a low-fructose diet.