Flu season is grapefruit season. In the cold winter months, the exotic-looking grapefruit is at the height of its popularity. It is particularly rich in potassium and vitamin C and is therefore the perfect flu prevention for breakfast. A grapefruit meets 60% of your daily requirement of vitamin C. Simply cut in half, sprinkle some Frusano grain sugar on top and enjoy!

The grapefruit is a cross between the orange (Citrus × sinensis) and the pomelo (Citrus maxima). It is believed that it originated around 1750 from a spontaneous cross between the two fruits in Barbados.

sugars in g/100g*
fructose sucrose glucose fructose total
2,10 2,93 2,38 3,56

Good to know

Grapefruit and other citrus fruits contain antioxidant substances that prevent diabetes mellitus. Certain other ingredients of the fruit, such as naringenin, 6 ', 7'-dihydroxybergamottin and bergamotine, may interact with certain drugs. In particular, grapefruit should not be eaten with some hypertension drugs.

For individuals with an average tolerance about 30g makes a good test.

*amount of sugar depends on variety and ripeness
**The value of 'fructose total' composes of the pure fructose and 1/2 of the sucrose.

source: BZfE,