Diet by urinary stones

The term urinary stones are by most people unknown at first, more often are kidney stones better known. In detail there are only small differences in the localization of the stones, after all the stones build themselves as a rule in the kidneys and are therefore called kidney stones – if they wander along the urinary tract, then they can be called urinary stones. From case to case there are certain differences in the making and cause of the stones, but also classifications.

By what through the term calcium stones, that there again make the largest part of urinary and kidney stones, apparent is. So, is it obvious that also the food consume makes a large significance, when it comes to sedimentation and problems, after all the kidneys are as an organ, a part of the important processes when it comes to our diet.

Where the connection lies between diet and urinary stones and how a fructose free diet can help to reduce the risk of urinary stones, you can follow here.

The difference between reasons and actions to recover

By the theme diet and urinary stones must by the food a clear difference be made. On the one side some food have ingredients that have a large negative effect and increase the development. Others, have the ability to help, which is why there are diets that decrease the possibility of urinary stones. This does not mean that there are no other reasons for this illness, that have got nothing to do with diet.

Diet by urinary stones centrally depends on the liquid consumption

The sufficient liquid consumption is for the prevention of urinary stones the most important thing. So can the appearance to the named calcium stones – in expert jargon known as calciumoxalate stones – be traced back to not enough liquid consumption. To so to say, dilute the stones, doctors recommend up to 3 litres a day. By the rare cystine stones, even up to 4 litres of water a day.

Although through these recommendations a danger area can step in to the daylight – when fruity drinks are favourited as “thirst-quenching”. After all, the consume of fructose is a large risk factor when is comes to urinary stones. Studies have shown that high consume from sugary lemonade can increase the risk for urinary and kidney stones to 33%.

Also, by fruit juices, that are supposed to be healthy, an increased risk was found by test people. This results from particular features of fructose: then fructose supports the excretion from calcium, oxalate and urinary acid through the kidneys. Kidney stones (Nephrolithe) are mostly calcium oxalate stones (65% of the kidney stone illnesses) or urinate stones (urinary acid stones 15%) their particles are increasingly excreted with the help from fructose.

With fructose free food from Frusano you reduce the risk of urinary stones

Especially for people that have already had urinary stones, it can make sense to change to a low fructose diet or to completely substitute fructose in the daily diet. With delicious fructose free food from Frusano it is easy in no time. Our fructose free food convinces, along with the fruit sugar freedom, also through the complete abstinence of added refined sugar. With it you do not have to do without you favourite dish, instead you can enjoy in a healthy way and still reduce your risk of urinary stones.

By the prevention of urinary stones there are a few things to think about. The aspect of liquid consumption is important, but here also counts, not only what you choose to drink, but only to marginally change the pH – value, besides water for example herb and fruit teas. The already mentioned products containing fructose are there again to be observed as a problem.

To prevent and avoid kidney stones, it is generally recommended to avoid processed food, because they mostly have a high sugar content.

Of course you should in general by all intolerances pay attention to a balanced diet – seasonal and low allergy products also dietary fibre sustainably support your kidney and urinary tract. With it, wholemeal products count just like fruit and vegetables and of course protein, in the right amounts. Also, a sufficient supply of magnesium is absolutely recommended and can be found for example in pulses. All in all, the rules are that the diet is a driving force when it comes to forming but also the prevention of kidney stones and their near family’s complaints.