Sweeteners and Desserts

Fructose-free sweeteners and desserts are the insider tip for everyone with a sweet tooth. For those with fructose intolerance, completely giving up sweet treats is often hard. However, a fructose-free syrup makes it possible to cook and bake with almost no limitations again. Our organic-quality alternatives are made entirely without artificial sweeteners, sorbitol or sugar substitutes and enrich your diet. And they’re vegan too!

When do we use sweeteners?

Everyone with fructose intolerance has a personal tolerance level, which means that they have to make individual changes to the fructose level in their diet. Try out our new low-fructose recipes with the best ingredients and rediscover the wide world of cooking and baking. How about a few muffins, a refreshing cocktail, a summery salad dressing, or a tempting dessert?

Fructose-free desserts

Try our organic vanilla pudding and organic chocolate pudding! Just add milk, stir and boil it and then this tasty treat is ready to eat. Our puddings aren’t just made from quality ingredients – they taste great too! The ingredients of our puddings are not only organic, but also gluten free and vegan. Children and adults alike will love this delicious creamy organic pudding! With Frusano, it’s possible to enjoy pudding again, even while maintaining a low-fructose diet. That’s because our pudding doesn’t contain regular table sugar, but rather fructose-free organic corn sugar. Fructose-free sweeteners are the smart way to get great flavor and a sweet taste.

Frusano has the ideal way to replace sugar and sweeten:
• meals
• drinks
• desserts
• baked goods
• spreads

Fructose-free sweeteners: what are they made of?

Rice Syrup
Our fructose-free syrup, made from rice, retains its own unique, honey-like taste and has the highest organic quality. This type of low-fructose sweetener is made up primarily of glucose and maltose. The fructose content is extremely low – less than 0.2g/100g. Rice syrup is an especially popular ingredient in Asia and its light caramel taste is brilliant.

Corn Sugar
A vegan alternative to conventional refined sugar is our organic corn sugar: it behaves like granulated sugar and is particularly good for baking. Without sucrose or fructose, this organic glucose syrup is very popular with home cooks with a fructose intolerance.

At Frusano you will find the fructose-free sweeteners that give your fructose-free food and beverages a pleasant sweetness. We make fructose-free sweetening easy!

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