Seasonal Calendar

Your Guide to Low-Fructose, Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

Frusano presents the first seasonal calendar for low-fructose fruits and vegetables! For each month, Frusano's nutrition experts picked out a fruit or vegetable variety and tested it for its sugar content. Because, as we know, sugar is not just sugar and not every fruit automatically has a lot of fructose. Which variety is best for a fructose-free diet?

To shed some light on the ingredients' jungle, this season's calendar features one variety each month. Depending on the season, the Frusano fruit and vegetable recommendations bring variety to the kitchen or the snack box. There are also possible recipe tips, interesting information about the fruit and, of course, the hard facts about sugar content. Have fun learning and trying out new foods!

fruit vegetable
january mandarin orange chicory
february grapefruit lamb's lettuce
march papaya chinese cabbage
april rhubarb asparagus
may rasperry endivie
june currant avocado
july strawberry eggplant
august lime cucumber
september blackberry beets
october lingonberry pumpkin
november pineapple chard
december orange parsnip