Probiotics and Prebiotics

Increasingly you hear and read about probiotics and prebiotics. Especially in connection with an irritated intestine or after taking a course of antibiotics, both terms are often named. Also by food intolerances for example fructose intolerance, the use of probiotics can be useful.

What exactly are probiotics and what is the difference to prebiotics?


In short: Probiotics are bacteria cultures that can be found in a healthy intestine. There are several different bacterial strains, some of them are know through their good qualities towards our intestinal flora. When the intestinal flora becomes unbalanced, it is often shown through a higher susceptibility to infections. Cold viruses, diarrhoea pathogens, fungi and co. then have an easy play. The reason: our “good” intestinal bacteria are working hard as well, when it comes to defending against pathogens.


On the other side, prebiotics are indigestible food particles, that encourage the growth of probiotics. It is also the food for the bacteria. By a fructose intolerance, several common prebiotics are not digestible. Prebiotics are for example, fructan or oligo fructose and are contained in things like chicory or black salsify. Here you have to be careful. By a fructose intolerance, most prebiotics are not easily digestible.
Therefore, through the experiences with a fructose intolerance, probiotics are the better choice to bring the intestinal flora back to balance. A large part of these bacteria, we intake through our food. Fermented food like sauerkraut or yogurt are a good source for bacteria.

However, in the last few years, the large numbers of bacteria in fermented food have decreased. Through the changes of the processes in the industry, most of the producers only use singular, chosen strains. And at the end, the products are heated to ensure the food quality. Through this process, the probiotic cultures in yogurt do not survive. By a normal supermarket haulage, we only become a few products that contain a wide range of healthy bacteria.

The few good bacteria that are left over, have to pass through our stomach to reach the colon. Here, the gastric acid is an obstacle which has to be overcome. Many bacteria do not survive in an acidic environment.

Fructo Biotic – Probiotic Drink from Frusano

The Fructo Biotic Daily Shot from Frusano is a probiotic drink with an acidic pH-value.
The bacteria in the drink have built a protective layer to survive in the acidic liquid.
Our gastric acid has a similar pH- value and therefore not a problem for the bacteria.

In the meantime, there are increasing numbers of preparations in supermarkets, pharmacies or health food shops, that contain probiotic cultures. Either in special food, as tablets or powder. Generalized you can say: the more bacteria a product contains, the more that reach the intestine. Ideal are bacteria that survive our gastric acid in large amounts. Just as important is that the preparation is active, meaning that it contains living bacteria. Some powders have to be mixed first and have a so-called activating time.
Liquid preparations like Fructo Biotic are there again, all time ready and can even be consumed when you are out and about.

The more various good bacteria strains that exist in the intestine, the healthier the person lives!

A healthy intestine needs various bacteria cultures. Probiotic bacteria strains have namely several tasks to do. Some strains from bifidus bacteria and different lactobacillus strains belong to the probiotics. With the help from probiotic bacteria strains, the growth of wanted micro-organism is animated, pathogenic micro-organism decreased and the natural immune system strengthened. The more the intestine is cared for, the more it can do its original task and absorb minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

Sometimes the balance in the intestine is disturbed. That can have several reasons why. One of the frequent reasons is for example, a high stress level, a course of antibiotics, some illness or a one-sided, unhealthy diet.

By a light intestinal disease like diarrhoea through a course of antibiotics or irritable bowel syndrome, the intake of good bacteria can help or stop the infection. Also, a fructose intolerance irritates the intestines.
Therefore, we have produced our Fructo Biotic. The Fructo-Biotic Daily Shot is the first organic probiotic drink in Germany – low FODMAP friendly, fully sugar free and without inulin. Various lactobacillius like delbrueckii ssp, support a healthy intestine. Especially by a fructose intolerance, but also by people with irritable bowel syndrome can Fructo-Biotic increase the number of good bacteria in the intestine.

The probiotic bacteria cultures in our fermented drink, reach the intestine alive. Here they take over an important role of the natural digestion and support the immune system of our body. So that the bacteria from Fructo-Biotic can establish in the intestine, a regular taking is recommended. It can be taken as a cure for a few weeks or as a regular supplement to a low fructose diet.

For an individual counselling to cleanse the intestine we recommend the consultation from a doctor or a nutritional coach. Nutrition counselling can be found on our homepage under nutritionist map.