Stevia is a sweetener made from a plant either as an extract (called stevioside) or as a herb.

In the EU Stevia was not permitted for food consumption for a long time. Recently, limited approval was granted. Stevia is similar to artificial sweeteners in taste and effect. It has a bitter aftertaste which is usually covered by the addition of other sweeteners, usually erythritol, sugar alcohols such as maltitol or sorbitol, or artificial sweeteners. People with fructose intolerance in particular should be cautious when sugar alcohols such as sorbitol are added.

But there are also a few foods, such as drinks, where Stevia's taste blends positively into the natural taste of the drink. In our two iced tea varieties and the cola, the taste is well embedded and the sweetener, which is also tolerated by people with fructose intolerance, can be enjoyed.