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Fructose-free jams

First things first: Why do we call our sweet spreads "fruit spread" and not jam?

Because of the legal jam regulation (Konfitürenverordnung or KonfV for short). This regulation specifies a certain minimum sugar level required for jam to be called jam. And, of course, we can't (and don't want to!) meet this requirement. In general though, nobody quibbles about this subtle distinction. For ease of understanding, we usually write "jam" here – but at Frusano we always mean fruit spreads!

Fructose-free fruit spreads: the sweet, fruity spread

Fructose intolerance – this means that you can only consume very little in a day or even no fructose at all, because your body cannot tolerate it and unpleasant symptoms would result. Fructose is found naturally in most foods, not just fruit. And since fructose and glucose together form the common household sugar, sucrose, which is found to a particularly high degree in sweetened food and beverages – it’s also found in jam.

So that people who have been diagnosed with fructose intolerance have to restrict themselves as little as possible in their everyday life, an ever-expanding range of fructose-free products has been developed in recent years. Many assume that once they receive their diagnosis, they will have to forego sweet dishes for the rest of their lives and completely rework their diet from the ground up.

Most people who are intolerant to fructose particularly avoid jam, as it is made from fruits that contain fructose naturally and - in most cases - includes additional granulated sugar. But even with fructose intolerance you don’t necessarily need to give up your fruity spreads! A sweet fruit spread made without fructose - how can this be done? We at Frusano can explain it to you!

With fructose-free fruit spreads, enjoy life without sacrifices

First of all, fruit spreads (and jams as well) can be made from fruit varieties that naturally contain relatively little fructose - such as currants or the tropical fruit calamansi. Second, fructose-free glucose syrup can be used as the sweetener instead of sucrose. This gives the fructose-free jam a natural sweetness, not too intrusive and healthier too! And it tends not to crystallize either. Furthermore, dextrose can be immediately converted into energy by the human body. In the form of fructose-free jam on your breakfast roll, you can get a little energy in the morning too! What could be better than starting a warm, sunny Sunday with a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of toast slathered in jam on a patio? The sweet breakfast lovers among you can will understand this especially - for many people, a fruit spread is an essential part of a good breakfast. The demand for fructose-free jam has been extremely high, in order to give individuals with fructose intolerance this fruity pleasure once again. And that's not all! Fructose-free jam is also ideal for sweetening dishes and making desserts without the addition of ordinary sugar - for example as a sweet, fruity topping to natural yogurt!

Fructose-free jams from Frusano

It all started with fruit spreads in 2006: The first products were made in a home kitchen from low-fructose fruit types like currants and glucose in Weck glass jars, because the demand for fructose-free fruit spreads has been around for a long time.

The glasses are still from Weck - only the shape has changed. The number of varieties has increased and the glucose has been replaced by fructose-free glucose syrup: it also contains a lot of glucose, but the maltose content makes it taste better, the sweetness is "rounder" and does not tend to crystallize. And, of course, our glucose syrup (though not all, see glucose syrup) is just as well-tolerated as pure glucose.

Our raspberry, currant, and strawberry rhubarb flavors are particularly popular. No fruit spread can be made completely free of fructose, but we always make sure that the fructose content in our products is as low as possible. Every person suffering from fructose intolerance has to determine for themself how many grams of fructose their body can tolerate each day. Then the daily amount of fructose-free jam and the variety that best suits you can be selected. The different fruits differ wildly in terms of their fructose content. Calamansi is, for example, our lowest-fructose fruit spread and conjures up a fresh citrus taste on your table.

Another exceptional experience is the tayberry, which tastes like a mixture of blackberry and raspberry. Like all of our fructose-free jams, including strawberry, rhubarb, and sea buckthorn, the final product is free of any annoying seeds.

Our fructose-free jam is also vegan and gluten-free! It has long been ideal not only for people with fructose intolerance, but also for people who want to or need to maintain a gluten-free diet (for example because they suffer from celiac disease). Vegans will also get their money's worth with Frusano's fructose-free jam. In addition to this, you will also find a super tasty vegan, fructose-free hazelnut spread.

The takeaway should be clear: giving up certain ingredients such as fructose or gluten doesn’t have to mean giving up of a large variety of the dishes and flavors. Our product range offers you the opportunity to enjoy fructose-free foods and to live without serious restrictions.

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