Histamine-free products at Frusano

For years we have been asked which products are suitable for people with histamine intolerance.
Studies show that organic products are generally significantly lower in histamine than conventional products; organic chocolate in particular shows only a quarter of the histamine content of conventional chocolate.

All our products already go through a great many checks so that they can be given the hook fructose-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan and lowFODMAP. As tolerance is paramount, we have now also invested in testing for histamine. The tests and checks for histamine are many times more complex, because we carefully test every batch of food declared histamine-free for histamine and then carry out ongoing storage tests.
Fortunately, we have already received the result "histamine-free" for the following products:

Histamine-free products

Histamine-free products are marked "histamine-free" on our website and in the online shop.

We have already had very good experiences with our products for people with histamine intolerance. Nutritionists also report successes to us.

In general, it has to be observed individually whether the mast cells release the body's own histamine. This can also be the case with histamine-free products due to liberators. The activity of the mast cells depends on various factors such as stress level, hormone level and general health.
As with all other intolerances, we recommend testing small amounts of the products and keeping a food diary to determine the individually tolerated amounts.

Therefore, we advise trying the products in very small quantities - if you get problems, you will get your money back.

Products with histamine content

Our Quinoa Crispies have so far been tested as not “histamine-free”. The histamine content in this product can be traced back to the quinoa.