Fructose-free Cookies and Snacks

For a light snack in between or bite to eat at teatime, delicious biscuits are always a good idea. Those who have to avoid fructose can turn to biscuits without fructose and enjoy their sweet flavor. Our organic spelt butter biscuits are sweetened with fructose-free organic glucose syrup and contain only traces of sucrose. Instead, they contain healthy dextrose, which makes them a source of quick energy. They are the ideal snack hiking and any time you’re on the go. The package contains three individually wrapped portions, which keeps the biscuits fresh. Our fructose-free biscuits are also suitable for people who have to avoid lactose, as they are also lactose free.

Sweets and Snacks, without fructose, sorbitol, or artificial sweeteners

At Frusano, we pay extra attention to what goes into our products. It goes without saying that our spelt butter biscuits, spelt sandwich biscuits, quinoa cookies, pumpkin seed bars, and Thai-bites are also free of sorbitol, other sugar substitutes, and artificial sweeteners. The special ingredients we use allow you to relax and enjoy biscuits with your tea or whenever you please - even if you have fructose intolerance. Anybody who can’t eat fructose knows how wonderful it can be to enjoy sweet flavors again and snack without worry.

Spelt biscuits without fructose & fructose-free cereal bars

Sweet snacks are ideal, especially when you need a bit of quick energy, but these are almost always full of sucrose and fructose. Our organic chai latte protein bar and organic fili cereal bars with delicate milk chocolate are different because they contain no fructose. For our fructose-free cereal bars, we use buckwheat, amaranth, millet and quinoa so that they are also gluten-free. Fili cereal bars contain dextrose (grape sugar), provide you with immediate energy and are the perfect companion for active people. They are the perfect snack, whether at home, in the office or at the gym. Pack a few fructose-free spelt biscuits and cereal bars into your bag before you head out, and you are prepared - fructose-free - for every eventuality.

An indulgent, fructose-free cake from Frusano: organic cheesecake

If your guests’ arrival is imminent and time is of the essence, our delicious organic cheesecake without fructose is the perfect choice! But of course, it is also ideal as a small snack just because or as a fructose-free alternative for any party or birthday celebration. It is already baked and can be served to guests immediately. Nobody will notice that you didn’t bake it yourself. It is produced with Frusano corn sugar, without any added preservatives. Our organic cheesecake tastes simply delicious and stays fresh for a long time!

Frusano organic chocolate and vanilla pudding mix
With our pudding mix – available in vanilla or chocolate flavors – you can quickly whip up a delicious, fructose-free treat! Our pudding mixes are sweetened with organic corn sugar, which gives the products a mild, pleasant sweetness. Just add milk to the prepared mixture and bring to a boil - then your pudding is ready to enjoy. Because with Frusano products, fructose-free desserts can also be prepared quickly!

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