Low-fructose Baked Goods and Snacks from Frusano

Delicious biscuits are of course the best choice for small appetites, in between meals or as a snack with coffee. If you have to avoid fructose, you can try biscuits without fructose and experience the sweet taste. Our Spelt Butter Biscuits are sweetened with fructose-free organic glucose syrup and contain only the smallest amounts of normal granulated sugar. On the other hand, they contain glucose and therefore provide energy particularly quickly. The ideal snack for on the go, for example when hiking. The pack contains three individual packets of biscuits, which means the biscuits always stay fresh. Our fructose-free biscuits are also suitable for people with lactose intolerance, as they are also lactose-free.

Biscuits and snacks without fructose, sorbitol or artificial sweeteners

In general, we at Frusano pay close attention to what is contained in our products, so of course our Chocolate Spelt Sandwich Biscuits, Gluten-Free Double Biscuits and Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes are also free of sorbitol, sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners. Thanks to our special ingredients, you can enjoy biscuits with your coffee or whenever you like, even if you are fructose intolerant. Those who have to do without fructose know how nice it can be to be able to enjoy delicious snacks without any worries.

Fructose-free snacks and bars

Sweet snacks are ideal when you need energy quickly, but they always contain granulated sugar and therefore a lot of fructose. Our Chai-Latte Protein Bars bars and Dark Chocolate Granola Bars with smooth dark chocolate and no fructose are different. We use buckwheat, amaranth, millet and quinoa for our granola bars, so the finished product is also gluten-free. The granola bars contain a lot of glucose, always provide instant energy and are therefore a perfect companion for anyone who is active. It's a quick and easy option for a boost! Whether you're doing sport, enjoying some time on the sofa, or at work, always pack a few fructose-free granola bars or protein bars.
Our Mini Waffles are particularly delicious. Organic spelt delights sweetened only with maltose and dextrose. A wonderfully soft and juicy snack to enjoy on the go for the whole family.
Also try our Choco Balls - breakfast fun at Frusano! We have combined gluten-free cereals with dextrose and cocoa. Particularly crunchy and beautifully chocolaty, they sweeten every breakfast for young and old.

The Fructose-free Baking Pleasure from Frusano: Pancakes and Gluten-free brownies

Our Gluten-free Brownie Mix is quick and easy to prepare and sweetened only with maltose and dextrose. Always delicious! Whether for a spontaneous visit from friends, for a family celebration or for a quick snack.

Our fluffy Pancake Mix is always a good choice - quick and easy to prepare. Mixed with maltose and dextrose, the gluten-free pancakes can be quickly prepared and eaten. Whether for breakfast or as a sweet snack, the lactose-free pancakes will impress everyone with their airiness. Depending on whether the pancakes are to be prepared vegan or low in lactose, different preparation methods can be found on the packaging. The pancakes are especially delicious with the Frusano rice syrup or a delicious Frusano fruit spread as a topping.

The Frusano organic chocolate and vanilla pudding powder

With our Vanilla or Chocolate Flavoured Custard Powder, you can whip up a delicious fructose-free pudding super fast! Our pudding mixes have been sweetened with Organic Corn Sugar, which gives the products a mild, pleasant sweetness. Simply add milk to the finished mixture and bring to the boil - and you can enjoy your custard. Because with our Frusano products you can also quickly prepare fructose-free desserts!

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