Fructose-free Gummi Bears and Bonbons from Frusano

Enjoy sweets, lollipops or gummi bears completely free of fructose? At Frusano, you will find a selection of little sweets for when you’re on the go, taking a break or simply need something to nibble when you’re on the couch. In addition to being fructose-free, all of our gummi bears are also gluten-free. Our Organic Janosch Bears are made entirely without gelatin and, therefore, vegan. For those who want to or have to avoid certain ingredients in their diet, we have gummi bears without fructose and sweets with glucose for the best taste without fructose and sucrose.

Fruity, ‘beary’ taste without fructose

These fructose-free gummi bears are available in red, green, white and yellow. Our bears are a little bigger and softer and have a naturally sweet, fruity taste. Diagnosis with fructose intolerance often means eliminating some of your favorite foods from your diet. For many, gummi bears are one of those things. However, now that we have introduced fructose-free gummi bears, including our organic gummi bears, you can once again help yourself to a handful without worry.

Sweets without fructose or sorbitol

Sweets, especially, often contain a lot of sucrose, which naturally means plenty of fructose. Here at Frusano though, you will find candies and lollipops sweetened with only glucose and fruity aromas. We also manufacture completely without sorbitol or other sugar substitutes so that you don’t have to forego your precious gummi bears and can nibble on fruity sweets without worry.

Anyone with a sweet tooth or who’s always looking for something to snack on, will appreciate these fructose-free gummi bears, lollipops and glucose candies in a variety flavors, including orange, peppermint, and blackberry. Thanks to special manufacturing processes without fructose, gluten or sucrose, they are the ideal sweets for people who have special dietary needs.

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