Low-fructose Beverages from Frusano

Fructose-free beverages

Enjoy our refreshing drinks without fructose – guilt-free and full of flavor. Why should you have to do without fruit juice or a nice cup of chocolatey cocoa for breakfast? Fructose-free beverages from Frusano, including Elderflower Syrup, Red Currant Syrup, and Black Currant Syrup, are lightly sweetened with glucose syrup and still full of flavor. The addition of glucose gives the fructose-free drink a pleasant sweetness and also improves the tolerance. Frusano products retain their unique taste, and – thanks to gentle processing – are also easy to digest.

Our fructose-free soft drinks, sweetened exclusively with stevia – Lime Iced Tea and Cherry Iced Tea - are a refreshing treat. The resealable TetraPak packaging makes it ideal for hiking, swimming, cycling, and any time you’re on the go.

Organic quality from low-fructose syrup to low-fructose sparkling wine

You can drink more than just tea and water - even with fructose intolerance. Our fructose-free beverages are also vegan and lactose-free. Vegans who want to enjoy sparkling wine can treat themselves to a bubbly experience with minimum fructose. Our Secco is popular at any party: Its practical can packaging also makes it the perfect take-along companion.

Just mix the bubbly Secco with a dash of elderflower syrup, and you have a summery Hugo cocktail. Our products have been designed for anyone who places value on a healthy diet and still wants to give himself or herself a treat. Fructose intolerance can be more or less severe depending on the individual. Some types of syrup in our selection are not completely fructose-free and do still have a minimum residual content.

Our chocolatey, fructose-free super-treat, Chocolate Milk Powder, is popular with people of all ages. Rich in glucose, this rich concoction melts in your mouth. Added to a glass of lactose-free milk, this drink remains lactose free. Mixed with soy milk, it remains vegan.

The healthy alternative – beverages with low fructose

Whip up a refreshing milkshake or give your dessert a little extra sweetness. Our syrup is the crowning glory for your drinks without fructose. Browse our recipes and get inspired! Mix delicious fructose-free drinks that add some variety to your diet. You can choose from different varieties such as: Elderflower, Red Currant, and Black Currant.

Your diet can be exciting and full of variety, even with fructose intolerance. Frusano offers you exceptionally high-quality foods to sweeten up any meal.

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