Isomaltulose (Palatinose)

Isomaltulose (brandname Palatinose) is a disaccharide carbohydrate, composed of one part glucose and one part fructose. Like maltulose, isomaltulose is a naturally-occurring component of honey and sugar cane. The disaccharide is refined industrially from beet sugar. Since 2005, BENEO, a subsidiary of the sugar producer Südzucker AG, has produced isomaltulose under the brand name Palatinose. The caloric content is the same as that of retail sugar, but it is metabolized more slowly and, therefore, is more nutritious. This leads to a delayed, limited increase in blood sugar and a balanced energy supply that can be sustained longer. Furthermore, isomaltulose cannot be used by many cavity-causing bacteria and its, therefore, very tooth-friendly.

Isomaltulose is not recommended for individuals with Fructose Intolerance.