Diet for kidney stones

Kidney stones belong to one of the largest health anxieties for many people, after all, the development is creeping and until some action is taken, is it often too late. The consequences are huge pains when the sediment of the minerals build in the near of the kidneys and especially when the kidney stones slowly begin to wander down the urethra. Even more frightening is the fact that kidney stones can potentially reoccur and the pain is then automatic.

While nobody wants to live their life with constant anxiety for kidney stones, the possibility for them to occur can be reduced. An important factor, to decrease the risk to be taken ill with kidney stones, is a low sugar, low fructose diet. Depending on whether stones have already occurred or not. The positive side effects of a healthy diet go hand in hand – therefore you can rely on fructose free recipe

Find the difference between supporting and helping food

The reasons for the sedimentation, that then develop to kidney stones are diverse and often illnesses can contribute. There are varied stones, the most common is to trace back to a high intake of calcium, as it is a calcium stone.

In some cases, the substance fructose is seen responsible for the forming of the dangerous and painful sedimentation. Then fructose supports the excretion from calcium, oxalate and uric acid through the kidneys. Kidney stones (nephrolith) are mostly calcium oxalate stones (65% of kidney stone illness) or urinary stones (uric acid stones, 15%) fructose increases the excretion from the particles.

Fructose as a catalytic substance in food for kidney stones, stands in comparison to many other replacement nutrition, the risk of kidney suffer to reduce. By Frusano you can find many healthy products that are fully fructose free and therefore contribute to sinking the risk of kidney stones.

By kidney stones is a diet change with regards to fructose unavoidable

Especially by people who have already suffered from kidney stones, it is meaningful to adapt the diet and make a few changes. As a rule, that does not mean to do completely without things that are delcious, but a change to a more conscious diet. As always, the enjoyment in moderation - meaning, to prevent the consume from too many harmful substances and therefore the complete abstinence is further not necessary. Through the tasty fructose free foods from Frusano without added refined sugar, can the potential threatening fructose portions be sensibly and simply reduced in the own diet.

Food that you should avoid in your diet if you suffer from kidney stones

The diet by kidney stones is not that easy to look through, after all there are a few pitfalls. Even when the singular consume from some foods does not automatically cause kidney stones, there are still a few traps, where a closer look is needed. For example, the consume from dietary fibre is in principle good, although bran as an example, it has a high oxalic acid content, the same as beetroot and coffee. These are therefore to be avoided when the danger from kidney stones exists, then the acid has negative effects.

Similarly complicated is the theme of liquid consumption: without exception, water is exclusively recommended. Be careful by sugary drinks: especially by a high fructose content, then these can increase the risk of kidney stones – also sweeteners bring the acidic household to fluctuate.
To prevent and avoid kidney stones, it is generally recommended to consume a balanced diet with low salt and to avoid processed food, because they mostly have a high sugar content.

Thankfully through Frusano it is easy to organize a balanced diet with kidney stones

Not only by the intake of all important nutrients, but also by minerals it is sometimes only a small adjustment that needs to be made. Altogether, the main meaning is that a balanced diet can help to prevent, but then if every so often a portion of spinach is eaten, the body can quite well cope with it. The same is with liquid consumption, as a rule it should be increased.

If you find out that a physical diet change and the reduction from fructose does not lead to the wished result or you want to lower your kidney stone risk to be on the safe side, the fructose free food from Frusano can be a good alternative, for example if you get a craving for something sweet. Inform yourself from our food offers and get into contact with us if you have any questions.