An IBS Diet will moderate the symptoms due to food intolerances

A so-called Irritable Bowel Syndrome diet which will help with problems regarding the digestion of an affected person is a great way to bring back more life quality to the people suffering from IBS.

Irritable bowel symptoms such as stomach aches, diarrhea and flatulence are a burden to the individual. A great improvement of these complaints can be achieved by following a strict diet fitting an IBS. With the help of food replenishments like Fructo Biotic, eating is no longer a horror but an amazing experience.

Fructose intolerance and the intolerance towards FODMAP (different types of carbohydrates) are both intolerances which affect the digestive system. These intolerances cause the symptoms of an IBS. A FODMAP irritable bowel can show the same symptoms as a fructose irritable bowel, resulting from a fructose intolerance. To moderate the symptoms or to be free of all burdens in the best case, the low FODMAP diet in combination with an Irritable Bowel Syndrome diet is the best choice for a healthy life.

The reason for a FODMAP irritable bowel or rather the fructose irritable bowel lies in the fact that the small intestine cannot process all carbohydrates properly; therefore, it is unable to offer all nutrients to the body. There are different reasons for this error. Some affected people miss transport molecules; others fail to have the needed enzymes. However, the mechanism taking place in the body is the same for both types: instead of being processed in the small intestine, the carbohydrates reach the colon. There, the carbs are taken apart by the bacteria of the colon. During the process of fermentation, gases are produced. These gases cause flatulence and stomach cramps but also nausea. Additionally, fructose and other FODMAP can have an osmotic effect. They withdraw water from the colon which can cause diarrhea.

The low-FODMAP diet or IBS diet is a treatment where the person does not consume certain types of carbohydrates. The individual does not consume lactose, fructose, sugar substitutes or certain types of double sugars.

FODMAP-rich foods cause the typical syndromes in the digestive tract of a person with exactly these tendencies towards intolerance. Especially if the large intestine of an affected person is previously damaged or there is an individual habitual intolerance, the symptoms are more likely to occur if there is no treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.

Enjoy healthy food thanks to an IBS treatment even with an irritable bowel

Low FODMAP foods are a great alternative for people who have to limit themselves to lactose, fructose, sugar substitutes and double sugars.

Frusano offers you a great, varied and healthy low FODMAP diet for IBS treatment. When Ulf Hermann, the founder of Frusano, was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption in February 2005, he did not find a large selection of fructose-free foods. However, he did not want to completely eliminate healthy sweet products from his diet, so he founded Frusano. Since then, even longer than FODMAP has been known, Frusano has been producing low FODMAP foods that are an amazing choice for treating irritable bowel syndrome. All products are extremely below the low FODMAP standards in terms of sugar levels and ingredients.

Frusano products are sweetened with a fructose-free glucose syrup, which tastes even better and is much healthier than pure glucose due to its maltose taste.

All Frusano products are made in the most natural way. They are free of fructose and lactose, free of sugar substitutes and free of indigestible polysaccharides. Therefore they meet all low FODMAP standards, i.e. they are suitable for people suffering from FODMAP irritable bowel syndrome. Enjoy Frusano products for your IBS treatment!