Halloween - sandwich biscuits

A sweet tip for Halloween! Tender shortbread cookies filled with tasty Frusano Fruit Spread – eerily good!
Prep Time: about 40 min.
Resting Time: 3 hours
Baking Time: 8 - 10 min.
Difficulty: medium
Yield: about 15 sandwich cookies



  • Cream together butter and Frusano Organic Corn Sugar with a hand mixer until foamy.  Add the egg yolk and vanilla extract.  Mix until creamy.
  • Mix in the flour.  Place the dough on a lightly-floured work surface and knead with your hands until smooth. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 3 hours.
  • Line a baking pan with baking paper.  Roll out the dough on a floured work surface to about 3mm.  From half of the dough, cut out Halloween shapes.  From the other half of the dough, cut out circles, so that the Halloween shapes can fit on top of the circles.
  • Place all the cookies on baking pan and back in an oven preheated to 180°C for 8-10 minutes.  Let cool on the baking pan.
  • Stir the Frusano Organic Red Currant Spread until smooth.  Spread a small teaspoon on each of the round cookies and top with the Halloween shapes.

Have fun cooking and Bon Appetit!