Muesli fructose-free from Frusano!

Can a muesli be fructose-free and still be a breakfast highlight? You are a real muesli fan and a muesli is simply part of a perfect breakfast? Then you should be careful with ready-made mueslis if you have a fructose intolerance! Often dried fruit, raisins or honey are hidden in the finished mixtures. Then it is better to keep your hands off!

Fructose intolerance means that one may take only very little or no fructose daily. The body does not tolerate this and different complaints can arise.

In order for a muesli to be fructose-free, the following things must be observed: A fructose-free muesli must not contain any household sugar / sucrose, since household sugar consists of equal parts of fructose and glucose. In addition, many other commonly used sugars are also taboo. These include raw cane sugar, for example, as well as the natural sweetness of honey and apple syrup. It is just as important that no fruity ingredients be included in a fructose-free muesli. After all, dried fruits in particular contain a particularly high fructose content.

Fructose-free muesli for healthy enjoyment!

Fructose intolerance is often associated with constant abstinence, but fructose-free foods such as our fructose-free muesli or fructose-free cereals also offer enjoyment.
Sweetened with malt and dextrose from fructose-free glucose syrup , this can be immediately converted into energy by the body.
Our fructose-free mueslis and cereals do not cause any problems for people with fructose intolerance: Thanks to the use of fructose-free glucose syrup, all our products taste naturally sweet and do not burden the liver and the organism.

People who have developed fructose intolerance or were even born with it are allowed to consume only very small amounts of the fruit sugar fructose every day or even have to do without it completely. Fructose is not only found in fruits - this is a fallacy. Fructose is found in small amounts in almost all vegetables and grains. The majority of fructose comes from ordinary household sugar (= sucrose). Together with glucose, it forms the two simple sugars of sugar. This means that all foods and beverages sweetened with household sugar are only tolerated in small quantities in the case of fructose intolerance.

Since conventional muesli mixtures usually contain a lot of sugar, these products should be avoided in a fructose-free or low-fructose diet. However, in order to be able to enjoy a largely "normal" diet with few or no restrictions and to be able to start the day with a lot of pleasure in eating despite the fructose intolerance, Frusano has developed a wide range of fructose-free and low-fructose substitute products - which also includes a fructose-free muesli.

With fructose-free mueslis and pops you start the day healthy!

With our fructose-free mueslis and pops your day starts healthy and varied. A muesli with a mild sweetness is delicious and firmly integrated in many diet plans for fructose intolerance. Various breakfast products of the highest quality and, of course, with only the best ingredients are available at Frusano. For example, try our fructose-free organic Choco Balls or our fructose-free organic Oat Crispies.

Our muesli is not only fructose-free and therefore suitable for any diet plan for fructose intolerance, but also gluten-free and vegan. And since many sufferers cannot tolerate sorbitol, we also make sure that the sorbitol content is as low as possible. For our fructose-free mueslis, we completely avoid table sugar, artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols.

Try our fructose-free mueslis and pops: Delicious, crunchy and crunchy. Pure and unadulterated taste. Light and airy baked. Of course in organic quality, vegan, lactose-free and of course suitable for a low-fructose diet.