Muesli fructose-free from Frusano!

Muesli fructose-free from Frusano

Can a muesli be fructose-free and still promise the full taste? Our fructose-free muesli varieties from Frusano show that it is possible. Get the pleasure of a crunchy muesli in the morning despite fructose intolerance.

For many a good muesli in the morning is simply part of breakfast. It’s quick to prepare, tastes good and makes you fit for the day. But be careful with fructose intolerance! This is because conventional muesli usually contains a number of fructose-containing foods such as raisins or other dried fruits. For people who can tolerate only a little fructose, a good morning can quickly become a bad morning. This is because fructose intolerance manifests itself through flatulence, abdominal pain and nausea. People who struggle with such an intolerance, have to be careful to consume very little to no fructose, since their bodies cannot tolerate it. So that you can continue to enjoy your breakfast muesli, even though you are affected by fructose intolerance, Frusano makes its Muesli fructose-free.

How to make Muesli fructose-free?

Fructose is not only found in fruits, as the name might first suggest, but also in many other typical household foods. Among other things, in our usual household sugar (sucrose), natural sweeteners such as honey or apple syrup and in vegetables and many types of cereal. In order to give muesli a sweet taste, many of the conventional types of muesli contain a high percentage of sugar or are instead enriched with honey or other sweeteners. In addition, dried fruits in the morning muesli are a real classic. Whether apples, raspberries or strawberries, we find them in almost all conventional types of muesli. With our Muesli fructose-free we provide a remedy. For those who like it extra sweet, chocolate muesli is a hit. However, this also contains a lot of fructose, since the chocolate chips contained in it contain a lot of sugar and thus sucrose. Thus, these variants are not fructose-free mueslis. So if you cannot tolerate fructose, its best to stay clear of these!

That does not mean that muesli must be completely abandoned. In order to make Muesli fructose-free, Frusano does not use any of these fructose-containing foods in its production. That means that no fruit, no sugar and none of the other sweeteners find their way into the muesli. Instead, fructose-free glucose syrup is used to give the muesli the lovely sweet taste we love to eat it for. The malt sugar and glucose contained in it can be converted rapidly into energy by the body. The muesli therefore not only gives a powerful start to the day, but also ensures that people with a fructose intolerance can once again reach for the muesli bowl in the morning without worrying. Because all of the ingredients and cereals used by Frusano are safe for intolerance and do not burden the liver or the organism.

Muesli: Fructose-free and yet full of pleasure

Can a muesli be fructose-free and still promise the full taste? Giving up sugar, fruit and other sweeteners doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste. On the contrary: The glucose syrup gives the muesli a slightly sweet and above all natural taste. In this way, the lovers of a sweet breakfast also get their money’s worth. At the same time, muesli scores with its naturalness and does not taste too sweet or artificial. Who still needs sugar and fructose?

Chocolate lovers have also been thought of. Because the Organic Choco Balls muesli from Frusano impresses by the addition of cocoa with a naturally chocolaty taste. So it doesn’t always take a lot of sugar to make a delicious breakfast muesli. The conclusion is: just because a muesli is fructose-free, it does not automatically promise less enjoyment.

Frusano: So that you don’t have to do without anything

Often, people with fructose intolerance need to pay close attention to their diet and to what they are eating. In most cases, they have to do without many things they have previously enjoyed as a matter of course. So that people with fructose intolerance do not have to restrict themselves further, Frusano has developed a range of fructose-free products. Muesli fructose-free is one of these products. This comes in two delicious varieties: Organic Oat Crispies or Organic Choco Balls. Both varieties are extremely crispy and crunchy and make for a balanced, rich and varied breakfast. With Muesli fructose-free from Frusano, muesli can remain your favorite breakfast despite fructose intolerance.

A good start in the morning

Muesli fructose-free from Frusano brings back the joy of eating to people with fructose intolerance. It does not contain sorbitol, as many of those affected cannot tolerate this either. But not only is muesli from Frusano suitable for those with an intolerance. More and more people who pay attention to their diet like to resort to the fructose-free alternative. Vegan, lactose-free and in organic quality, the muesli from Frusano fits into almost any nutrition plan and offers an optimal start to the day. It scores with naturalness and leaves no reason for concern for people with intolerances. You can relay on its high quality. If you want to start the day carefree and powerful, the Muesli fructose-free from Frusano is an optimal choice.

Try our fructose-free mueslis and pops: Delicious, crisp and crunchy. Pure and unadulterated in taste. Baked light and airy. Of course in organic quality, vegan, lactose-free and of course suitable for a low-fructose diet.