Diet for kidney stones

Kidney stones are one of the biggest health fears of many people, after all the development of these is often gradual and by the time anything is done it is often too late. The consequences are enormous pain when the deposits of minerals form in the kidney itself and especially when the kidney stones slowly move along the urethra. What makes kidney stones even more scary is that they can potentially recur at any time, the pain is then pre-programmed.

However, while of course no one should walk through life with the constant fear of kidney stones, you can reduce the likelihood of them occurring. One important factor that reduces the risk of developing kidney stones is a low-sugar, low-fructose diet. Regardless of whether or not stones have already occurred. Positive side effects of a healthy diet then quite often go hand in hand with this - so generally focus on fructose-free recipes.

Distinguish between promoting and helping foods

The causes of the deposits that then develop into kidney stones are manifold and often there are also diseases that make a certain contribution. Thus, there are various stones, but the most common are due to a high intake of calcium, as they are calcium stones.

In particular, the substance fructose can also be considered responsible for the formation of the dangerous and painful deposits. This is because fructose promotes the excretion of calcium, oxalate and uric acid via the kidneys. Kidney stones (nephroliths) are mostly calcium oxalate stones (65% of kidney stone cases) or urate stones (uric acid stones, 15%), whose components are excreted more by fructose.

Fructose as a catalyzing substance in foods for kidney stones is opposed by many substitute nutrients that significantly reduce the risk of causing kidney disease. At Frusano you will find many healthy products that are completely fructose-free and thus help to significantly reduce your risk of kidney stones.

In the case of kidney stones, a change in diet with regard to fructose is unavoidable.

Especially for people who have already suffered from kidney stones, it makes sense to adjust the diet and make some adjustments. This usually does not mean a complete renunciation of what tastes good, but a change towards a more conscious diet. As always, it is important to enjoy food in moderation, i.e. to avoid overconsumption of harmful substances, so that absolute renunciation is no longer necessary. By the leckeren fructosefreien food of Frusano without crystal sugar addition can be reduced however potentially dangerous Fructoseanteile at the own food meaningfully and simply.

Foods to avoid in your diet if you suffer from kidney stones.

The diet for kidney stones is not so easy to figure out, after all, there are some pitfalls. Although, of course, consuming individual foods does not automatically lead to kidney stones, there are still some cases where a closer look is necessary. For example, the intake of dietary fiber is good in principle, but bran is an example, which is very oxalic acid, as are beet and coffee. Therefore, these are more important to avoid if there is a risk of kidney stones, as the acid has negative effects.

The issue of fluid intake can be similarly complicated: Without exception, only water is recommended here. Caution should be exercised with sugary drinks: Especially with high proportions of fructose, as these increase the risk of kidney stones - sweeteners also upset the acid balance.

To prevent and avoid kidney stones, it is generally recommended to eat a balanced diet with little salt and to avoid highly processed foods, as these usually have a high sugar content.

Thanks to Frusano, it is easy to balance the diet for kidney stones.

Both in the intake of important nutrients, as well as minerals, it is often only small adjusting screws that need to be turned. Overall, a well-balanced diet can help prevent kidney stones, but if spinach is eaten from time to time, the body can usually compensate excellently. The same applies to fluid intake, which should also be increased as a rule.

If you find that an organic change in diet and the reduction of fructose do not lead to the desired effect, or if you want to reduce your kidney stone risk even further to be on the safe side, fructose-free foods from Frusano can be a real alternative, e.g. if you have a craving for something sweet. Find out more about our range of foods and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.