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Organic Certification

We are certified under the European Eco-regulations (Regulation (EWG) Nr. 2092/91). Reference Number: DE-ÖKO-037
To download our organic certification, click here.

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Dual System

Our product packaging is recycled in the dual system in an environmentally-friendly way. View Environmental Certificate.

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Paper Packaging

Shipping materials are made entirely of paper: Our packages in the online shop are made entirely from cardboard and paper, including the filling and cushioning material. Even the adhesive tape is made not of plastic, but of paper. The glue used is natural glue made from potato starch and moistened only by water - completely free of chemicals. The wood for the production of the kraft paper comes from sustainably-managed EU forests.

This is not only environmentally friendly, but also practical: you can dispose of the entire packaging material simply and free of charge via the paper recycling bin.