How does a FODMAP diet work?

If you’re struggling with IBS, lactose intolerance, Crohn’s disease, CIBO, or other digestive issues, a low FODMAP diet has been shown to provide significant relief by eliminating lactose, fructose, sugar replacements, and other sugars.

However, it is recommended that anyone consult their doctor prior to starting a new diet. There are many medical conditions that can show symptoms similar to IBS, so it is crucial to consult a physician prior to starting any new diet plan.

Note that a rapid diet change can influence the gut flora, or even worsen the symptoms at first. Therefore, it is even more important to be attentive in the beginning of a diet change. But, people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome generally report positive results when following a low FODMAP diet, and Frusano is here to support you in this shift with our low FODMAP products designed for people just like you.

A low-FODMAP diet involves patients avoiding lactose, fructose, sugar substitutes and various polysaccharides simultaneously.

Fundamentally, low-FODMAP diets work like any other elimination diet. The goal is to find out which FODMAP foods cause a reaction in patients with symptoms. The patient’s symptoms are the measure of all things, whether they experience gas, diarrhea or constipation. The FODMAP diet starts with a reaction phase. During this period, all FODMAP-rich foods are avoided. In the re-exposure phase, individual FODMAP-rich foods are re-introduced to their diet gradually.

For example, apples often cause digestive issues in patients. Apples are rich in fructose and sorbitol, therefore meaning they already contain two FODMAPs in large quantities. That’s enough to cause noticeable symptoms in a sensitive digestive tract.

Like any strict diet, a low-FODMAP diet should be supervised by a doctor or dietician. Since patients are removing many foods from their diet, they are at risk of malnourishment and should supplement with low-FODMAP foods containing crucial vitamins and minerals. 

The low-FODMAP diet in 3 phases 

The low-FODMAP diet is generally divided into three phases:

1. In phase 1, known as the test period, the patient will avoid FODMAP-rich foods for 4-6 weeks. Their symptoms should decrease significantly during this stage.

2. In phase 2, the patient will gradually try individual high-FODMAP foods to determine which they can tolerate. It is recommended that each week, they incorporate one food item that they will eat in a normal portion two times during that week. During this phase, they must observe and record when they experience symptoms to determine which FODMAP foods are triggers.

3. In phase 3, a low-FODMAP diet will be developed which brings the patients as little limitations as possible and ensures they have a balanced diet.

Frusano products support a low-FODMAP diet

Frusano was founded in 2006 with the intention to help people suffering from fructose intolerance. When Ulf Hermann, Frusano’s founder was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption in February 2005, he realized that there were very few fructose-free products on the market. Since there didn’t appear to be any producers of fructose-free food, he decided to take matters into his own hands by founding Frusano.

The next step was to develop his products. All of Frusano’s in-house products are sweetened using a fructose-free glucose syrup which doesn’t just taste better with its maltose content, but it’s actually far healthier than pure glucose.

All Frusano's low-FODMAP products are fructose and lactose-free, and completely free from sugar replacements and indigestible sugars. Essentially, we steer clear from all nutrient groups that are known to exacerbate IBS, known as high-FODMAPs. And, Frusano’s product ingredients even fall below the FODMAP threshold, meaning they are far from the saccharose and fructose limits held by the low FODMAP standard.

If you have any questions regarding low FODMAP diets or our products, please feel free to contact our team. Until then, check out some of Frusano’s delicious low FODMAP our chocolate, jam, and more!