The vegan lifestyle 

More and more people are leaning towards a vegan lifestyle. In the U.S., it is estimate that nearly 10 million people are vegan, and that number is increasing domestically and across the globe. 

It’s no wonder: living without causing animals, the planet, or your health unnecessary harm is an admirable and attractive lifestyle.  

Not only do vegans abstain from eating animals, they also do not use any food products of animal origin. They forgo eggs, milk and yogurt, as well as cheese and honey. On the other hand, they also avoid purchasing other animal products including leather and silk. Vegans also tend to opt for cruelty-free cosmetics and cleaning products.

Vegans have various reasons for choosing this lifestyle:

  • Respect for animals is usually at the top of the list. Vegans do not want animals to suffer or for any animals to be killed for the sake of a human's gain. 
  • Environmental factors also play a role in choosing a vegan lifestyle. The extent of present-day dairy and meat industries require extensive natural resources. This often causes over-fertilized and over-acidified soils and contaminated drinking water, as well as an increased output of climate-warming gases such as methane. 
  • Many people opt for a vegan diet for health reasons and a reduced intake of cholesterol and saturated fat that generallly occurs when avoiding animal products. 

Is a vegan diet healthy?

There is some evidence to show that a vegan or vegetarian diet is healthier than the average omnivorous diet.

  • Vegetarians eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grain products. As a result, they have more vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and folic acid in their diets.
  • By avoiding meat products, they consume less saturated fat than the average person. 

Experts advise vegans to a vitamin B12 supplement, particularly for women who wish to become pregnant. 

Vegan – a question of definition

For vegans, the origin of products is crucial. Because living vegan doesn’t mean simply forgoing whole meats, milk, and eggs. Vegans must read ingredient lists very carefully, as animal-derived ingredients can be contained in many packaged foods, with milk powders and gelatin being common culprits. This means that most gummy candies are not vegan; luckily, Frusano's Organic Janosch Bear Friends and Organic Malt- and Grapesugar Bears from Frusano are, as they're produced without gelatin.

For all of Frusano's vegan food options, we ensure that the product contains neither direct nor indirect ingredients of animal origin. We check each ingredient carefully and use animal-free production practices.

We understand that finding truly animal-free products can be a challenge, and that lack of transparency is a concern. For many products, it is difficult to see whether they contain hidden substances of animal origin. Frusano is pleased to present vegans with a broad range of nutritious products that contain no traces of animals, from production to consumption.