The aromatic fruit has a high content of fiber (pectin and cellulose), which promote digestion, is noteworthy. There is also a lot of folic acid in strawberries, which is important for pregnant women.

With their content of calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper, strawberries provide many minerals. In addition, the fruits contain polyphenols. These phytochemicals are said to help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.

sugars in g/100g*
fructose sucrose glucose fructose total**
2,30 1,00 2,17 2,80

Good to know

Ripe strawberries are a real treat and, moreover, very healthy. Per 100 grams, they contain more vitamin C than lemons or oranges. In addition, they contain very little sugar, so that the ratio between vitamins and sugar is almost perfect.

Botanically, however, strawberries are not really berries. They are common fruits, where the small yellow-brown seeds - the so-called nutlets - are clearly visible on the outer skin of the fruit.

For individuals with an average tolerance about 50g makes a good test.

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*amount of sugar depends on variety and ripeness
**The value of 'fructose total' composes of the pure fructose and 1/2 of the sucrose.

source: BZfE,