Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is generally regarded as well-tolerated by most. It is also low-calorie;  unlike other sugar alcohols, this is not achieved by a low resorption ratio, but by the fact that erythritol is absorbed but not metabolized, and ultimately excreted by the kidneys more or less unchanged.

From a digestive viewpoint, erythritol is tolerated better than other sugar alcohols. Frusano, however, is generally cautious of low-calorie sugar substitutes. Using energy-consuming artificial processes to change molecules in a way that no longer allows nutritent absorption goes against our philosophy of promoting foods that are whole and natural whenever possible. Therefore, we don't use erythritol as a sweeter in our products.

Be sure to check out Frusano's chocolates, which use real bourbon vanilla rather than artificial 'vanillin.'