Chinese Cabbage

White cabbage and red cabbage can be so heavy in the stomach. A good alternative to local cabbages is the tender Chinese cabbage. The vegetable has a mild, pleasantly fresh taste and is also more digestible for sensitive people.

Even raw in a salad, the curly cabbage makes a good addition. Chinese cabbage also tastes good from the wok, in an Asian coconut soup or stuffed with veggies. It contains valuable amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and glucosinolate.

sugars in g/100g*
fructose sucrose glucose fructose total**
0,53 0,04 0,68 0,55

Good to know

For a tasty side dish with a piece of bread, cook chopped cabbage with onion cubes and a pinch of sugar until it’s slightly scorched. Add ginger, cumin, salt and pepper, deglaze with vegetable stock and serve after a few minutes of cooking. To get the health-promoting ingredients, the cooking time should be as short as possible. As a rule, 5 to 7 minutes are sufficient.

For individuals with an average tolerance about 100g makes a good test.

*amount of sugar depends on variety and ripeness
**The value of 'fructose total' composes of the pure fructose and 1/2 of the sucrose.

source: BZfE,