Fructose free Green Tea and Lime Cocktail

Easy to prepare, refreshing and super delicious. Our fructose free green tea and lime cocktail is loved by people who love cocktails!
Preparation Time: about 5 min.
Difficulty: easy
Portions: 2 glasses á 0,4l



  1. Add the Stevia Ice Tea with Lime, sparkling mineral water, organic elderflower syrup and organic corn sugar in a cup and mix it.
  2. Put some ice into the glasses. Add the ice tea mixture and carefully spread the sparkling wine into both glasses.
  3. Wash the limes, halve them and cut a slice for the garnish. Quarter the rest.
  4. Squeeze in each glass the quarter of one lime and put the pressed rest into the glass. Stir the cocktail and garnish with lime.
Have fun preparing and enjoy!