Even low-fructose dishes can be tasty, healthy and creative! In our recipe section, you can find recipes for cooking and baking, as well as desserts and drinks.

Low-Fructose Recipes – Food without Compromise

Get inspired by our low-fructose recipes and try out your own creations - our tips for low-fructose nutrition and other Frusano products can help with that!

After being diagnosed with fructose intolerance, many people miss sweet dishes especially. But of course, there are many possibilities for baking nearly fructose free. We’ve collected a variety of recipes for baking, to help you whip up cakes, cookies, and other sweets.

You’ll be amazed at what is possible: Desserts with less sugar, like crepes, chocolate-crispies, and even raspberry tiramisu. People who have completely given up fructose and gone without many dishes for lack of alternatives will be especially surprised when they browse through our low-fructose recipes. Even low-fructose drinks are no problem with the right Frusano product.

Preparing Recipes without Fructose

With food intolerances, it is especially important to prepare many foods yourself, in order to maintain complete control over the ingredients. When eating prepared foods or eating out, it is impossible to be sure how the food was prepared. Nearly fructose-free recipes from Frusano give you the chance to enjoy your food without worry and lend your menu a welcome change!