Probiotics and Prebiotics

There is a lot of discussion about probiotics and prebiotics, particularly in connection with gut issues. Probiotics and prebiotics can be extremely beneficial for those suffering from food intolerances such as fructose intolerance or IBS, as well. 

What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?


In short, probiotics are bacteria cultures that can be found in a healthy intestine. There are several different bacterial strains, some of which are known to be very beneficial for the intestinal flora. When the intestinal flora becomes unbalanced, it is often shown through a higher susceptibility to infections such as colds and flu viruses, diarrhea pathogens, candida issues, and beyond. The reason: our “good” intestinal bacteria are working hard when it comes to defending against pathogens, and they can become compromised. 


Prebiotics are indigestible food particles that encourage the growth of probiotics. It is also considered  "food" for good gut bacteria. With a fructose intolerance, most prebiotics are not easily digestible; therefore probiotics are the better choice to bring the intestinal flora back to balance, and even fermented foods like sauerkraut or yogurt are a good source for healthy probiotics.

However, in the last few years, the large numbers of bacteria in fermented food have decreased. Through the changes in food processing, most of the producers only use singular, chosen strains and the products are usually heated to ensure food quality. Through this process, the probiotic cultures in yogurt do not survive. Unfortunately, what we find in the supermarket isn't often as potent or bioavailable. 

The few good bacteria that are left over, have to pass through our stomach to reach the colon. Here, the gastric acid is an obstacle which has to be overcome. Many bacteria do not survive in an acidic environment.

Fructo Biotic – Probiotic Drink from Frusano

Frusano's Fructo Biotic Daily Shot is a probiotic drink with an acidic pH-value. The bacteria in the drink contains a protective layer to survive in the acidic liquid. Liquid probiotics like Fructo Biotic ready to drink, highly potent, and bioavailable. 

The more good bacteria strains that exist in the intestine, the better!

A healthy intestine needs various bacteria cultures to thrive. Probiotic bacteria strains have namely several tasks to do. Some strains from bifidus bacteria and lactobacillus are included in probiotics, which help to facilitate growth of healthy micro-organisms is increased while pathogenic (unhealthy) micro-organisms are decreased – ultimately strengthening the natural immune system and overall gut health. The more the intestine is cared for, the more it can do its job of absorbing minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

Many people's intestines become disturbed through stress, medication, antibiotics, unhealthy diets, or other issues such as fructose intolerance. The intake of good bacteria via pre- or probiotics can help circumvent the effects of these issues. 

That's why we developed FructoBiotic, the first organic probiotic drink in Germany that's low-FODMAP friendly, fully sugar free, and without inulin. Various lactobacillius work to support a healthy gut and immune system. The probiotic bacteria cultures in the fermented drink reach the intestine alive, unlike other products. 

As always, we recommend consultating a doctor or nutritional coach when determining the best diet and supplements for your body and lifestyle.