About Frusano

Frusano was founded in 2006 to provide special food products for people who suffer from hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI) or from fructose malabsorption. Many manufacturers and distributors do not publish the fructose and sucrose content of their products or they incorrectly label their products as “fructose-free": we have found obviously fructose-containing products such as honey advertised as “fructose-free”. This creates uncertainty and frustration for consumers who require a fructose-free product. The idea behind Frusano is that we take care to provide low fructose, sucrose and sorbitol content in all products we offer and tell you exactly what's in them.

Our first step was to analyse many products which, according to the nutritional information and ingredient lists provided should have been low in fructose: virtually none of them could be called low or even approximately low in fructose. This is especially true of “glucose syrup” and caution is needed as it may well conceal the fact that a great deal of the glucose has been converted into fructose in order to achieve greater sweetness. Many food producers are not even aware of this fact, so we have invested a lot of time and money in order NOT to offer such products.

The logical second step was, of course, to develop our own products. A considerable amount of research had to be devoted to choosing the right kind of sweetener because pure glucose - as you may know from experience - has some unpleasant properties such as a “metallic” taste, a high glycemic index and a tendency to crystallize. The result of our efforts is seen in the high quality products we offer: All sweetened with fructose-free glucose syrup which not only tastes better but is also much more wholesome than pure glucose.

Products from Frusano: Low fructose, full delight.